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The Mask of Zorro 

The Mask of Zorro (1998) หน้ากากโซโร

The Mask of Zorro

The Mask of Zorro In 1821, Don Diego de la Vega is a Spanish-born California nobleman fights the Spanish in the Mexican War of Independence as Zorro Zorro, the mysterious swordsman disguised in a mask who defends the Mexican peasants and commoners of Las Californias. Don Rafael Montero, the corrupt governor of the region creates a trap for Zorro during a public execution of three innocent peasants. Zorro puts an end to the execution and Montero’s troops are stopped by two brothers who are young, Alejandro and Joaquin Murrieta. Zorro wins over the Spanish soldiers, and Zorro gives Joaquin an award of the Silver Medallion. Don Montero suspects de la Vega to be Zorro, and he tries to detain him in his house. After a scuffle ensues, a swordfight breaks out and Esperanza de la Vega’s husband is killed. While Diego’s home burns, Montero takes his infant daughter, Elena, as his own before sending de la Vega to prison and then returning back to Spain.

Twenty years later, Alejandro and Joaquin are thieves, operating a scam using Three-Fingered Jack to collect the cash on their heads and to steal a strongbox. They are snatched by Captain Harrison Love who is Montero’s American right-hand man. Jack and Joaquin get captured, while Alejandro is able to escape. Joaquin then shoots himself to keep himself from being executed by Captain Love. Love then takes Joaquin’s head and beheads the man. Montero together with Elena is returned to California as civilians. Elena has become a beautiful woman who is akin to her mother. Montero’s reappearance motivates de la Vega to escape from prison. He encounters Alejandro drinking and spots the silver medallion he gave his brother when he was a child. De la Vega learns Murietta is also searching to retribute Captain Love for his brother’s death and agrees to make Alejandro his protege, recruiting him to become the next Zorro. Alejandro is convinced that he will be able to take revenge by following dela Vega’s instruction in Zorro’s secret cave hidden beneath the ruin of his estate.

While still being trained Alejandro takes an stallion in black that looks like Zorro’s steed Tornado from the local garrison. Alejandro is scolded by De la Vega, who insists that Zorro was a servant to the people and was not an adventurer or thief. He challenges Alejandro to earn Montero’s trust instead. Alejandro pretends to appear to be Don Alejandro del Castillo y Garcia and de la Vega is his servant “Bernardo”. He then attends a celebration at Montero’s hacienda. Elena is delighted by Alejandro and gives Montero enough trust to invite him to a secret meeting with other noblemen. Montero suggests a plan to take California from the Dons and declare it as an independent republic. He achieves this by buying the land from General Santa Anna who is in dire need of funds for the coming Mexican-American War.

Montero takes Alejandro along with the noblemen to a gold mine called ” El Dorado” where prisoners and peasants are employed as slaves. Montero plans to purchase California from Santa Anna using gold mined from Santa Anna’s land. De la Vega, who is the “Bernardo” servant, takes advantage of this opportunity to get meet Elena. She discovers that Montero has said that her mother died in the birth of her child. In a market, Elena meets the woman who was her nanny who reveals to Elena her parents’ real identity. Alejandro is now officially the Zorro mantle, and is sent by De la Vega to steal Montero’s map, which leads to the gold mine. Zorro takes on Love, Montero and their guards in the hacienda. Elena tries to rescue the map of Montero after Zorro fled. After a brief, but passionate duel with swords, Zorro kisses Elena before the escapee flees.

Infuriated by the punishment Santa Anna is likely to receive when he learns that he is being paid with the gold he owns, Montero decides to destroy the mine and kill the workers on Love’s advice. Alejandro is advised by De la Vega to free the miners in order that Elena can be reclaimed. Alejandro feels betrayed and angry by Diego’s vengeance, sets off. De la Vega corners Montero at the hacienda. She reveals his identity, but Montero takes him hostage and threatens to kill the man before Elena. De la Vega informs Elena of the name and the color of the flowers, romneya. This is the first thing she saw as she arrived in California. She releases de la Vega. They then go to the mine where Alejandro, de la Vega and Montero each fight Love and Montero. Elena and Alejandro free the workers before the explosives go off and discover the dead de la Vega. He rekindles his relationship with Elena and Alejandro and offers Alejandro his blessing to marry his daughter.

Later, Alejandro and Elena are married. Alejandro tells Joaquin stories of his great-grandfather’s heroic actions.

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